A quality brand is a promise of authenticity.


The logo, the label, the bottle, the packaging should confidently excite, engage, create a conversation and build an affinity. My approach, both artistic and strategic, ensures I get to the heart of the matter, measuring the success of my work by the emotional engagement with my client and subsequently ensuring that of the products commercial success

Caterina, the Baroness de Renzis Sonnino, artist, photographer, designer and cultural ambassador, the embodiment of the modern Renaissance woman, is also the creator of the visual identity of some of the most celebrated wines of Italy. Caterina, a Florentine, studied Political Science at the University of Florence, Painting at the Rosary College of Fine Arts and Photography at The Pratt School in N.Y.C. lives in Montespertoli with her husband Alessandro and their two children, Virginia and Leone, at Castello Sonnino, the seat of the Sonnino family for over 200 hundred years.


Montespertoli, in the hills south-west of Florence, is one of the most ancient wine producing areas in the world and it is here at Castello Sonnino where Caterina and Alessandro through their commitment to the protection of historical and cultural heritage together with the revival of the making of quality wines and olive oil have brought the castle to be one of the most richly fascinating cultural and historical centres of the Tuscan region.


Castello Sonnino is also the home to the design studios of Caterina de Renzis Sonnino, where in an atmosphere of living history, Caterina, with the eye and the hands of an artist, using tools both artisanal and highly technological, weaves her capacity for storytelling with an astute instinct for the communication of the values and emotion of a product. Being herself a producer of quality wine, she understands well the evocation of identity to achieve success in the international market.